Monday, 30 November 2015

Living Cheek by Jowl

The Evening Standard had an article today about the differences in urban planning between London and Paris, saying that whereas the low income inhabitants live in the banlieues of outer Paris, whilst London is characterised as having a 'multicultural mosaic of rich and poor living cheek by jowl in borough.'  I recently took a little expedition to the Ashcroft Square Estate above the Kings Mall and then on to Buckingham Palace where I knew there would be demonstrators raising awareness of objections they have with the visiting Chinese premier.

The Ashcroft Estate is the one you see when you walk from the car park to the Kings Mall.  Whilst all of Hammersmith is quickly upgrading and resurrecting, the estate appears to stay the same.  I really hope that at some point it will be included in the beautification of the  borough - and allow the residents to stay.

I've never seen the Mall with the home flags of visiting dignitaries so I was looking forward to photographing those.  Little did I know just how colourful and exciting the photoshoot was going to be. 

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