Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Cultural Centre Watch: Drink, Shop & Do

It's heartening to see that barely a week goes by and there's news of a new multi-offering venue in London.  Drink, Shop & Do, located in King's Cross, is a cafe, shop and dance hall!  It looks clean, lively and inviting - so much more appropriate for children than the quotiiden coffee bars.  There are dance classes, vinatage hair & makeup sessions as well as hen dos and tea parties.  This placees just sounds so wonderful - please, please could someone open something like this in TW9??

Monday, 17 February 2014

Cultural Patch Thriving in N1

Another sighting on my community culture watch: The Proud Archivist has opened on Regent's Canal near Haggerston Overground Station.  The venue is a combination of gallery, bar, restaurant, cafe and events space.  It says it was:
built around an engaging and versatile concept - designed and programmed to echo, emulate and revive the traditions of London's grand 17th and 18th century coffee houses.
This space combines so many of the things I envision as keys to future community centres across the country: a simple cafe, art display space and library aesthetic, overlaid, they say "with a diverse fringe cultural and community programming."  The Proud Archivist wants to reflect the interests and passions of the people who make up their locale.  Its aim is become "a thriving cultural and entertainment hub at he heart of the community."

I for one, can't wait to experience this place.