Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wheat and Chaff on a pinboard

We’ve always had a large bulletin board in our kitchen, filled with calendars, school & extracurricular diaries, notices of local events, party invites, greetings cards and various clippings of news and stories I’ve gathered from newspapers and magazines which I mean to share with my children.  A very crowded place, this patch of the kitchen wall.

Recently the pinboard came down as it was usurped by a piece of furniture.  This meant that all those bits and pieces - which I’d considered so vital - were filed.  However I did find a place to display the one bit of wisdom regarding judgment that I considered more important that all the rest among the paper pile.  It’s as much a reminder to myself as something I hope my children will learn from, no matter what worldview they eventually adopt. 

  • Prejudice is the product of a lazy mind. 
  • It’s contempt, prior to investigation.
  • Your first impression of someone is incomplete and often inaccurate.
  • Don’t assume your intuition is always right.
  • Don’t make lasting decisions based on limited insights.
  • Your success in life will be adversely affected by prejudice, fear and any form of discrimination you allow to colour your thinking.[1]

[1] UCB, The World for Today, 5 April 2012, based on Acts 10:34.

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